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Will a radiant barrier help reduce my energy bills?

A radiant barrier is used to reduce the summer's heat gain in an attic. Installing one can lower the heat transferred and keep your attic space cooler, but they are most effective in warmer areas or climates. Radiant barriers require expert installation to work effectively and should be only installed by professionals like our technicians. Give our team a call and we'll evaluate your home's specific situation and advise whether a radiant barrier could be effective for you and your family.

Why should I have rodent proofing installed?

Whether you've already dealt with rodents in the past or are lucky enough to be unaffected by them, protecting your home against them is a step toward keeping your home cleaner and healthier. Rodents can cause damage to wood, belongings, and insulation, as well as spread diseases through their waste and carcasses. They also create foul smelling odors that can pollute your home. Rodent proofing will make sure that they won't be able to enter to begin with, thus avoiding all these issues.

Why should I have my attic decontaminated?

Namely, to keep you and your family healthy! If rodents have been in your attic, even if it was a while back, the waste they left behind can still be an issue. If a carcass was left, then even more so. Disease can come from either of these sources, and easily be brought down into your home by contaminated items, or merely stepping through the area. Decontamination will take care of any bacteria still present, as well as get rid of foul odors.


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