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Use a vacuum

Dusting your attic is just plain irritating, both as a chore and on your respiratory system. Sweeping with an ordinary broom raises dust all over the place and if you're not careful, you'll inhale it into your lungs. As difficult as it is, drag your vacuum cleaner up there. It is much more effective at removing the dust without launching it up into your nose. If it's been a long time since you've been up there, don't risk inhaling this stuff, just give us a call and get it done by the professionals.

Block rodent entrances with steel wool or hardware cloth

To prevent rodents from getting into your home, any possible holes or cracks that they could come through need to be closed off. Rodents can fit through anything their heads can, so even small holes could be used. It's best to be safe rather than sorry and close off any and all openings even if they seem too little. It's important to seal them with steel wool, hardware cloth, or other metal materials, otherwise the rodents could easily chew through them.

Periodically check your attic for signs of water damage

Water leaking into your attic can be the source of a lot of troubles. It can render certain types of insulation useless, such as fiberglass which is found in many homes, and mold may begin to grow and spread from the moisture absorbed. Mold will destroy and weaken the wood of your attic, as well as potentially harming your stored belongings. If you see warped wood, or notice a mildew smell, you may have a water issue to be tended to.


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