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How to Recognize Rodent Problems

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How to Recognize Rodent Problems

Recognize Rodent Problems | Attic Cleaning Beverly Hills, CA

Rodent infestation can be harmful to both your health and property. Here we will detail some signs of their presence.

Footprints and Oily Dark Stains

Since these pests like using the same paths over and over again, their body oils will rub off onto walls along those routes, leaving oily dark smudges. If you notice such stains, put some flour or talc along the suspected runways and check for fresh footprints the next day.

Squeaking, Scratching and other Noises

Rodents are not exactly quiet, and the noise they make can come from walls, ceilings or crawl spaces. Mice and rats are nocturnal, so noises such as scratching, gnawing, squeaking, scampering or even thumping will be prevalent at night. 

Behavior Change in Your Pets

If your dog or cat has suddenly started acting strange, they might be reacting to rodents in your house. When your pet changes behavior and is unusually excited or anxious, pay attention to what they are trying to tell you. Make sure to act fast before the vermin multiply in numbers.

Damaged Walls, Furniture or Packaging

In order to keep their teeth short, rodents have to constantly gnaw and chew on things. Another reason for their chewing is to get inside a room, gain access to food or create nesting materials. If you notice any teeth marks on your walls, furniture or a box of cereal, there is a good chance you have unwanted guests.

Shredded Materials All Around

Once inside your home, these pests will start building cozy nests for themselves. They will turn almost anything into nesting material: pillow stuffing, books, clothes, upholstery and even wiring insulation! Their nesting can turn out to be a dangerous thing, though, because stripped wiring can cause house fires!

Nasty Surprises in Dark Places

Rodent droppings may be the only sure sign of an infestation. They are dark and soft at first, and as they age, they lose their color and become hard and crumbly. Since their feces is a dangerous contaminant, do not touch it with bare hands!


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